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 Ripe sweetness with a hint of natural acidity...the aroma of freshly picked berries 


Juicy golden ampleness...

straight out of Georgia


 Rich and loamy fullness



There is one vice that refined men and true elegance partake in from time to time to unwind and on occasion bring in a real celebration...a good cigar. As a fan of fine luxury goods, I’ve been known to enjoy a good traditional cigar every now and again, which is why I am excited to announce the development of my very own brand of Electronic Cigars, MK12 eCigars.


When I was presented with the opportunity to help create a cigar that is not as harmful as tobacco products and can be enjoyed in places and instances where smoking is not an option, I could not resist. 


The MK12 Electronic Cigar (eCigar) is a timeless original. It’s sleek, innovative style will remind you of your favorite 7″ Corona style cigar. The signature "Cuban" flavor has a lightly sweet, yet rich and balanced cigar flavor with a hint of “Georgia peach”. Its “Real Feel Soft Tip Filter” makes for the most genuine electronic cigar experience on the market! Enjoying a MK12 eCigar eliminates your worry over humidification or the excessive oxidation that sometimes occurs in traditional cigars. 


Currently available in three flavors: Cuban, Strawberry and Peach, the MK12 cigar is a delightful substitute for smoking traditional cigars. Best of all, the MK12 eCigar is easy to use, contains no smoke, ashes, flame, odor and LASTS UP TO 1000 PUFFS!!

Upcoming New Products: Introducing the "Cuban" Medium and Bold versions - the same sweet, yet rich and balanced Cigar flavor with more intense Cuban flavor profiles!


Also, get ready to try our new Menthol flavor and the XT version: our new extended cigar which LAST UP TO 2000 PUFFS!!! It can be enjoyed in all of our current flavors.



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