MK12 eCigars are the biggest bang for the buck on the E-Cigar market! 

MK12 eCigars last 1000 and up to 2000 puffs and produce a large amount of very flavorful vapor. Our auto design does not have a button that needs to be pushed in order to activate. You just puff and it works & lights up upon every puff!  Best yet, it is priced to sell with healthy profit margins.


MK12 eCigars come in 12 count counter display boxes and the MK12 eCigar is best sold in vapor shops, smoke shops, cigar shops, bars, nightclubs, hookah lounges, convenience stores,  liquor stores, and mom & pop stores.


If you are interested in wholesale and/or distribution opportunities, please use our Contact page to receive more information.

Wholesaler/Distributor Opportunities

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